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Mini-Tubers: Age 7-10
Tubers Academy: School Years 6-12


What is Tubers?

Tubers is an academy for YouTubers, Vloggers and Creatives to learn and master online video together.


Who is Tubers For?

Tubers Academy is for 7-18 year olds. Sessions are broken into age appropriate groups.


Where is Tubers?

The first Tubers Academy is based in Exeter. However, we are opening venues across the South West soon!




Age: 7-10 Our Mini-Tubers Creator Class has a casual “club” feel so that it doesn’t feel like an extension of school. Groups of no more than 5 are rotated through experiential and bonding/team building sessions. The experiential sessions are designed to teach under the cover of fun. For example – Superhero Week is presented to the children as a fun opportunity to come up with their own superhero name and which powers they would have. The session aim is to get them planning a unique, self created production whilst improving their onscreen camera confidence as they present independently. Our Mini-Tubers are high energy and look forward to the very social nature of the experience. Often they build friendships with children they don’t see at any other time during the week. With this in mind we rotate each week through a video shoot, editing, and fun gaming/Virtual Reality session. For example; in week one, Group One will do a video shoot, in week two they will practice editing that video, and in week three they do gaming/Virtual Reality.


School Years 6-12

The New-Tuber curriculum has been developed in order to quickly teach the basics of video production including both studio work and editing. All members look to advance through to Crew-Tubers.

All new members to Tubers Academy enrol as ‘New-Tubers’. They work through our internally developed program which focusses on both soft and technical skills. Each member completes 12 key activities during the first 3-6 months depending on their attendance.

Induction & safeguarding
DSLR Cameras Usage
Lighting Techniques
Recording Good Audio
Creating Gaming Videos
VR Setup and Training
Recording a VR Video
Vlogging Techniques
Introduction to Editing
Production Management
Producing a Live Broadcast
YouTube Channel Management


School years 6-12

All our Crew-Tubers would have already been through the New-Tuber 12 modules and be comfortable with creating basic video, from conception to publishing. Crew-Tubers now build on this knowledge by pulling together teams to work on joint projects. There will be some autonomy at this stage that allows them to grow in confidence.

Members are assessed throughout Crew-Tubers for their ability to move up to Creator.

Members should expect it to take a minimum of 6 months before they progress to Creator level.


School Years 6-12

At the Creator level things get more serious. They will be working on both individual and group projects that are expected to be produced at a very high level. They will be focused and able to run video project independently with minimal studio support.

Please note: Only members on the Elite membership can progress to Creator Level. 

The team at Tubers will hand-pick those at the top of their game to become Senior Creators.

Senior Creators

School years 6-12

Senior Creators receive special status here at Tubers. Their picture is displayed on the Senior Creators wall and other members will aspire to reach this level. Senior Creators are only determined by the Management Team of Tubers Academy. The key criteria being, “Could this member participate as a full participant on a commercial production?”

Tubers Talent Incubator

School Years 6-12

It’s natural that amongst our members there will be some exceptional talent. That talent should be identified as early as possible and nurtured. The Tubers Talent Incubator is still in development but will take the form of a partnership between Tubers Management and the parents of the identified members.



Our Mini-Tubers has a casual “club” feel so that it doesn’t feel like an extension of school. Groups of no more than 5 are rotated through experiential and bonding/team building sessions. The experiential sessions are designed to teach under the cover of fun.



Pro-Tubers offers a single session of 2 hours training per week. These are structured training session teaching all aspects of video production. Sessions run on a Monday, Wednesday and Saturday and are split to be age appropriate. Please see details below.



Elite-Tubers recieve 4 hours of training and access per week, double that of our Pro-Tubers. They also benefit from the flexibility to pick and choose which session (2 per week, 1 per day). This gives the ultimate flexibility along with a host of additional perks as listed below.


Can’t get the session you need? Add yourself to our waiting list and we’ll be in touch as soon as a place becomes available.

We’re also opening new sessions on a Tuesday and Thursday very soon.

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Book a single session!

Single sessions are now available at Tubers! Join in the fun of the academy without a monthly payment.

2hr Session:  Weekday £15, Saturday £20. See timetable for session times.

Single sessions availability is limited and requires pre-booking. Please call to check availability.

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