Tubers Academy Terms & Conditions

This document sets out terms and conditions between Tubers Academy Limited and you the parent/guardian. The terms and conditions are critical to ensuring that all members and their families receive the optimum membership benefits.



What you can expect

  • That your child will receive our best care at all times.
  • That your child will receive the best possible experience at Tubers Academy at each and every session they attend.
  • That we will work with you and your child to provide the educational support they require as an individual, but in a group setting.
  • That we will take all issues of bullying, harassment and safeguarding seriously and take the prompt actions we believe necessary at the time to protect your child.

What we expect

  • That your child is supportive of other members and treats both them, and the Academy team with respect.
  • That your child is willing to learn and actively participates within Academy sessions.
  • That no foul language, bullying or aggressive behaviour is be used at Tubers Academy at any time.
  • That you arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before the beginning of a session and collect your child on-time at the end of a session.
  • That you promptly bring to our attention any concerns or worries you or your child may, allowing us to provide the support you need and address issues quickly.

We may remove a child from group activities if their behaviour endangers others or falls below the expectations we have set out in our Behaviour Agreement. If this happens, we will let you know. We may also, in some circumstances, ask you to collect your child early from session if their behaviour cannot be managed by our team.



Free Trials

Tubers Academy welcome potential members to “try before they buy” by attending a taster session, subject to availability. This is restricted to 1 free session per person at the Academy Managers discretion. A taster session does not guarantee a place at The Academy.

Acceptance to The Academy

Parents and Guardians should not expect that a membership will always be granted. Members are welcomed to the Academy based on availability. Where there is no availability, parents can add themselves to the waiting list at and we will contact them when a place becomes available.

Where a membership is granted, all members must sign our Behavior Agreement and abide by it’s ethos. We are an inclusive academy that believes every member should be allowed to learn, contribute and engage in a safe and inclusive environment free from bullying and harassment. We actively welcome children with both special educational and physical needs and will alway try our best to provide the support they require in partnership with the parent/guardian.

Notice of cancellation

The minimum notice period to cancel your child’s academy membership is one week before payment is due. Once the fee for the coming month has been debited, we do not issue refunds and your membership will remain active. Your child can still attend sessions for the month. All cancellations must be made in writing and sent to Not attending sessions for any period of time does not constitute cancellation of a membership and membership fees will be due as you will be taking a place that another child could occupy.

Session changes

The minimum membership period is 1 month unless Tubers Academy Limited terminate your child’s membership early for any reason. We reserve the right to change the day, time and location of our services. Should this make your child’s membership unworkable, the minimum notice period will be waived.

Members are expected to progress through The Academy as their skills and confidence develop. This may mean that members need to change day and time of their attendance to work with groups of their ability. If a member cannot attend due to the change in the potential date and time we will endeavour to provide the same level of training in their current session to the best of our ability.

Parents may want their child to stay in a younger/older age group for other reasons, for example, to stay with a sibling/friend or because of special educational needs. This should be discussed with the Academy Manager and it is at their discretion as to whether this is agreed or not, and done on an individual member basis.



Fees & Refunds

The Academy membership fees are based on a 50 week year and payable each month in advance. The Academy closes for a 2 week period over the Christmas Holiday period only and remains open to members throughout the remainder of the year. This two week holiday has been accounted for within your membership fees.

Current prices

Mini-Tuber – Membership fee is £45 pcm

Pro-Tuber (weekday) – Membership fee £55 pcm

Pro-Tuber (weekend). – Membership fee £65 pcm

Elite-Tuber – Membership fee £85 pcm


Payment is made via recurring card payment using our online signup process. Cash payments may be made at the Academy Managers discretion. We do not accept cheques.

IMPORTANT: Failure to pay membership fees within 14 calendar days of the due date will result in membership suspension and your child’s access to the the Academy restricted. Within those 14 days, if for any reason your payment does not clear, our automated system will notify you via email 3 times and retry the payment each time. You will also be provide with the option to click a link to pay your membership online.

If membership fees are still not paid within 30 days, the membership is terminated and any outstanding fees will be sought. If a parent/guardian is having financial issues they should speak to the Academy Manager who has some discretion in these matters.

This agreement may be terminated if either party is in serious breach of its obligations to the other.

Price increases

The Academy reserve the right to impose price increases for memberships. Parents/Guardians will always be given at least 60 days notice of this in writing


Refunds maybe given in exceptional circumstances, for example; a prolonged illness of more than 4 weeks. All refund requests should be made to the Academy Manager via email. Refunds take a minimum of 5 business days and no longer that 14 business days.

To the extent permitted by law, our liability to you, save in respect of death or personal injury caused by our negligence shall be limited to the total amount you have paid for membership.



Opening times

Our session times are all listed on our website at Tubers Academy operates after school and Saturdays. Whilst staff may be in the building during the daytime, we are not open for academy business during the daytime. If for any reason you need to come to the academy during the day, please make an appointment with the academy manager prior to arriving.

Notice of closure

In the extremely rare event that Tubers will not be open on any given session, whether that be an emergency situation, adverse weather conditions or the inability to provide the usual service as required, notifications will be sent out via all our social media channels, our primary channel of communication is Facebook. Please check our page regularly and enable notification. In times of adverse weather conditions, please contact Tubers via Facebook or email before leaving home to confirm opening hours.



Health & Safety

As you would expect, we do not allow smoking on or outside our premises. We do not allow the consumption of alcohol in our Academy, nor being under the influence of illegal substances.

You must make yourself and your child aware of any health & Safety rules of the Academy you are attending and comply with all recommendations at all times. Any health & Safety concerns must be raised with a member of the Academy team.

Drop off and pick up

Dropping off and picking up children safely is the responsibility of the parent/guardian. For all children under the age of 16, the parent/guardian must ensure the child is safely inside the building and signed in before leaving. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to enter the building at the end of a session to sign out and collect their child. Should the parent/guardian make arrangements with the child to drop them off and pick them up without entering the building (regardless of age) Tubers Academy accepts no responsibility for the safe delivery or collection of your child.



Media, Marketing & Promotion

Upon registration you will be asked to sign a “Media Release Form” (via tick box during your online signup process), allowing us to use any individual or group photographs, video or audio of your child for press or promotional purposes. If there is a safeguarding or perceived risk concern, your child may be excluded from being in front of the camera during video shoots. We cannot however, ensure that they will not be in a photographs or video/audio recordings from within The Academy as members use a variety of devices to capture content as do our team.



Clothing and identification

Members are not permitted to film at the academy whilst wearing school uniforms or any identifying logos such as local sports teams or clubs they attend other than Tubers Academy. Please ensure your child either changes clothes before the academy or brings a change of clothes with them. If children are attending Tubers directly after sports clubs such as football or rugby, please ensure they have a clean set of clothes to attend the academy.


If you have any questions regarding our terms and conditions, please use the form below to contact us. A member of staff will respond as soon as possible.


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