Key to the enjoyment of the members of Tubers is ensuring the studio space is configured to allow us to maximise the opportunities to create lots of video content and we are spending a lot of our energy ensuring we get this right. First of all we have;


Studios 1,2 & 3

will be multi-use. With so many options for video creation, we want to be able to reconfigure these quickly for interviews, stop motion recording, unboxing videos, vlogging, culture, events, presentations, tutorials, product reviews and more.

Nothing will be permanent and members will be able to configure them specifically for their own projects. It’s not just about shooting the video, we want members to get involved in the whole creation process from planning & scripting to storyboarding, studio setup, shooting, editing, publishing and promotion.


Studio 4

is our Gaming space. We have two consoles setup with the Elgato HD60 which allows up to both record and stream your gaming videos. For the XBox fans we have an XBox One with two controllers and Kinect. For those who adore the PlayStation, we have the PlayStation 4, again with two controllers. We have a selection of games for all age groups (Sorry we will follow the PEGI guidelines).


Studio 5

is something special. We have invested in creating our very own, dedicated Virtual Reality (VR)  Studio. Featuring the HTC Vive, this will be an opportunity for members to try out cutting edge technology and learn how this can be used to create engaging video.


The Big Room

is our community space where we can do big presentations, demonstrations and other, high-level productions. This space, as with studios 1, 2 & 3 is re-configurable. To suit the needs of the creators and the perfect location for epic Nerf battles. Once decorated, this will also host our editing station of 3 iMacs, a presentation area and multiple decorated backdrops to shoot video against.


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