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AGE 7-10 years olds

What will your mini’s learn at Mini-Tubers?

Mini Tubers is based on a more “play-related” creative structure. Here they will get involved in group projects, such as games, builds and challenges and create a video about those activities together. Our in house team will teach the Mini-Tubers how to edit video also, however, our experience has taught us that seeing a full edit through to it’s end can sometimes be a challenge! Because of this, our in house team will ensure that one video from each recording session gets edited and published on our YouTube channel.

Mini Tubers rotate in groups over 3 week rotations.. One week shooting a studio video, the next week editing that video, the following week gaming and Virtual Reality. We do this to ensure that all Mini-Tubers get enough time on the tasks they love.

Mini-Tubers will help your mini’s build their confidence, develop friendships and explore new creative avenues. Supported by Tubers staff and the more senior members of Tubers, they will come up with the creative ideas and then make them happen.

As well as gaining confidence, Mini-Tubers will;

Learn to cooperate as members of a team

Have the opportunity to take leadership roles within those teams

Learn the benefits of planning and organisation

Get to be creative and see their ideas come to life in video!

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