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What is Tubers?

Tubers is the Video Creators Academy for 7-18 year olds, who are interested in becoming YouTubers and learning video production skills. It’s what every famous YouTuber out there wishes had been available when they started.

The Tubers environment has been created to facilitate positive learning, whilst not feeling like a school or college. Tubers is a welcoming and nurturing environment where young people of all backgrounds can come and make gaming videos, make-up tutorials and everything in between.

How Does Tubers Work?

Tubers is a weekly club for 7-18 years olds, which is open Monday to Fridays, during term time.

All new members will undertake the initial 13 week 'New-Tuber' programme. This has been developed to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to try a bit of everything including planning, scripting, storyboarding, presenting, gaming, filming and editing. During the 'New Tuber' programme, we also want both members and their parent/guardians to learn and understand our ethos, and how they can get the most out of their time here at Tubers.
All members who complete the 'New Tuber' programme will then graduate to become 'Crew Tubers' and receive their very own Tubers Grading. At this stage, the creators will begin to focus on projects in the areas they wish to pursue - whether that be gaming, hair and makeup tutorials, vlogging or whatever style of video they would like to make.
We will provide an environment that encourages creativity, develops new skills and builds confidence.
Level 1: New-Tuber
  • Entry level - for new members to create video and experiment with different video styles. They will have the opportunity to learn about the new equipment they will be using, editing software and having some fun with video. At this stage, they will not have their own YouTube channel or be publishing content under their own name. They will work under the Tubers Academy channel, with their peers, to create content they can be proud of.
Level 2: Crew-Tuber
  • At Crew Tuber level, members will get the opportunity to create their own YouTube channel (not compulsory) and focus in on the types of video they enjoyed making as a New Tuber. If gaming is their thing, we'll help them set up a channel around gaming, with branded graphics, intros to their videos and help them to create a style of their own, whilst being supported by their Tubers Academy peers, staff and our safeguarding programme.
Level 3: - Creator
  • By this time members will have got into a groove with their channel. Whilst they will need less help on recording, it is likely that at this stage, they will be needing more help on production - making their videos more dynamic, increasing their publishing schedule, getting more traction on their videos and working out how to collaborate more with other Tubers.
Second Year - Senior Creator
  • After the first year, when members return, they come back as Senior Creators. By this time they will be fully conversant with all aspects of production, and be ready to help the younger ones with their New Tuber programme. The skills they have learnt whilst having fun at Tubers are industry standard skills that will help them hugely in their future careers. Skills such as film making, editing, sound engineering, presenting and more. However, we help members take these skill to the next level by encouraging them to teach what they know. There is no better way to really understand what you've learnt than by teaching it! Whilst still working on their own content creation, they will get the opportunity to work with New Tubers and develop their skills further by teaching what they have learnt. This really helps them establish themselves as Senior Creators. They will be looked upon and treated as a member of the Senior Creators crew.
Do Members Need Any Equipment?

Not at all - we have everything you will ever need. Across our 5 studios we have a vast array of lighting and sound equipment, cameras and lenses, tripods and mounts, iMacs and PCs with market leading editing and animation software, a gaming suite which includes a state of the art Virtual Reality Rig and everything else you will ever need to be the best video creator you can be.

Where Is Tubers held?

Tubers Academy is based in Exeter, Devon. Our dedicated “creative space” is on Mitre Lane, next door to Mary Arches Car Park, just a few minutes walk from the city centre.

Other Tubers Academies will roll out across the South West during 2017.

Who’s behind the idea?

Tubers was an idea that blossomed during the latter part of 2016, when two very creative individuals crossed paths thanks to social media and a love of video.

Nick Ellison former founder of Socialize Media and HighRize Productions, a husband and father, with more than 8 years of experience helping businesses generate more sales using social media and video. Nick eats, sleeps and dreams about video production. Some may say sad, we say obsessed. Nick’s favourite YouTuber is Casey Neistat.

Jim Rowe is an experienced digital marketer. From Paperboy to Soldier to Manager and Business Owner, Jim runs a successful Social Media Agency in Yeovil and is a passionate advocate of social video. Jim’s favourite YouTuber is Ben Brown.
What is the cost?

The price to attend depends on the age of the child. Mini-Tubers is just £30pm, Tubers Academy is £79pm - which is only £4.74ph!

In terms of comparing value for money for Tubers, our standard prices are in line with your usual Karate clubs, dance classes and general sports clubs, just with a focus on a new type of hobby and aspiration for a new generation - being a YouTuber!
What involvement do you need from parents?

Parents/Guardians are not required to stay during the sessions, but we do have a comfortable seating area with great tea and coffee where you are welcome to relax and make use of our WIFI. If you want to, you can watch some of the videos made by Tubers Academy members on the big Screen.

At least one parent/guardian is required to attend the orientation and child protection briefing. This mandatory briefing will answer many questions that you may have and help you get off to a flying start. It’s also an opportunity to meet the founders and the Senior Creative Team and hear from some of the members.
What steps have you taken to protect the young people in your care?

At Tubers we understand that safeguarding is everyone's responsibility. The safety and wellbeing of every young person we work with is our top priority. Our aim is, not only to teach young people the skills they need to be successful Tubers, but also how to be the safe and responsible online citizens of the future.

At Tubers we take the safeguarding of our future stars incredibly seriously. We operate a 'no hate' policy to encourage creative, positive and team based collaboration in a safe online environment. We will proactively engage with young people about issues such as cyber bullying and give them the knowledge and confidence to seek help and support with any online issues that may concern them.

We're currently working on our policies and procedures in relation to child protection and safeguarding and as soon as they are ready, we will publish them here on our site.

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