At Tubers not only do we teach video production skills, we also put them in to practice with a full commercial video production service.

We’re home to a team of talented in-house creators with backgrounds in television production and social media marketing, plus a pool of engaging on camera talent from 7 years old to adults.

Together we produce vibrant video content specifically tailored to catch consumers eyes on social media and create a buzz around brands.

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Video is by far the most consumed type of content online. On YouTube alone, users are watching a whopping one billion hours of video per day.

To capitalise on this and get your brand noticed you need to cut through the noise with regular, engaging video.

How do you achieve this? The easiest and most cost effective way is by collaborating with our in-house creative team.

Here are just a few reasons to work with us on your next project:


As every aspect of production is kept in-house here at Tubers from initial creative, all the way to video delivery, we don’t need to outsource jobs meaning you’ll be dealing with us through the whole project.


By harnessing our diverse talent pool, we can cast any production quickly and efficiently, ensuring that we have the right on screen personality to convey your message to your target demographic.


By utilising our expertise in leading video trends and formats, we’ll produce targeted social content that’s relevant, grabs attention and starts conversation around your brand.


With 5 customisable video studios, including a large curved green screen, we can bring your video or web series to life without the time consuming need to find locations or pay extra to hire external studio space.


Our production team offer a quick and streamlined service, giving you flexibility and unrivalled responsiveness to hit any deadline


“It has been a remarkable experience working with Nick and Sam at the Tubers Video Creators Academy. After a warm welcome in Exeter to have a tour of the academy, we wanted to partner with Tubers to produce a series of product videos focused on streaming and content creation. The studios in Tubers Academy are exceptional, and both Nick and Sam are great on (and off) camera. Our product videos were produced quickly and came out very well. We look forward to partnering with Tubers for more marketing initiatives in the future.”

John Junod, Brand Manager Associate, Logitech


If you’re planning your next social campaign and want to see results, then you’re going to need to implement a video strategy that intrigues and sparks discussion.


From fashion shows to gameplay, product unboxings to tech reviews or software tutorials to breaking news, we are fully equipped and ready to create this content for you.


Below are just a few examples of what we can do for you.


Global internet security company McAfee approached us with a brief to produce a video initiating a conversation about kids and online security during the busy holiday season.


We took care of all aspects of production from creative and brand implementation to casting and post production.


The final video went on to get people talking and racked up 200,000 views on Facebook.


List videos are a great way of quickly producing interesting or helpful content that can be shared on a regular basis. Perhaps you need an efficient way of showing off your sites Top 10 most popular products of the month or maybe your Top 5 tips or news stories.

We script, shoot and edit this style of content quickly. If you’re looking to put out regular video content, this is a great and cost effective way to do it.


In the online arena, brands are standing above the competition by producing entertaining web shows for their social media followings.

This is by far the most effective way to drive engagement and get your message out there on a consistent basis, converting your audience into loyal customers.

With our combined production skills, presenting talent and studio spaces we’re fully equipped to create unique and high quality content on a weekly basis without breaking the bank.


If you’ve got a great product then you need to be showing it off. With ‘How To’ and ‘unboxing videos’ being some of the most popular types of content online, you could be using this to your advantage.

High quality video is the best way to show off your product or apps features, demonstrate how to use it or preview your latest video game project.


Repurposing your content means taking all of the footage we have created for you and reformatting it into multiple types of content in different shapes and styles suitable for each platform.

From one youtube video we can create portrait content for snapchat and instagram stories, square video with bars and titles for Facebook and your instagram feed.

As well as video we can create audio files, images, quotes and gifs! We squeeze every view, like and share out of your content.

Square Video

Repurposing your standard size video into square videos for instagram.


Catch your audiences eye with quick and quirky gifs for social & chat.

Stills & Graphics

We create photographs, graphics and product shots from your video.

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