• The sponsor’s logo and details will be added to “The Studios” page on our website.

  • We create an immense amount of video. In every video publish to Tubers.TV YouTube Channel the studio name and sponsors details will be added including a link to their social media and website.

  • Sponsors will get access to their sponsored studio for 8 hours per year to create video content.

  • Hundreds of local families will see the sponsor’s brand each week.

  • Other businesses both local and national visit the Academy weekly and will see the sponsor’s brand.

  • We post an immense amount of social media content across Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook and whenever the studio is featured the brand will be mentioned.

  • We will announce on all our social media channels who the sponsor is for each studio.


The sponsor will have an etched window graphic added to the studio they sponsor for a period of 12 months. This will cover the lower 3rd of the studio window and measure 116cm x 33cm. The studio will always be referenced as ‘sponsored by’ in social media posts. All uploaded video created in the sponsors studio will include a mention of the sponsor and a link back to their website in the YouTube description. If the sponsor has branded merchandise that is suitable for the set, we can include merchandise on shelves/background of the video.


The annual fee is £1000 (equivalent to £83.33 per month). This covers the creation of the graphic design and signage, adding your company to the sponsorship page and all the digital benefits mentioned.

The Loft Studio

The Loft is the first studio seen by visitors to The Academy and has some unique features. It hosts a custom designed set that is popular with members of all ages. The set has been built to take advantage of the depth gained from shooting into a corner. The decor is industrial, featuring brick effect wall to the left and solid dark wall to the right. Shelving is made up rough wood, used skateboards and metal piping and brackets.

Unlike our other studios, The Loft is built solely for the production of shows, and to aid in smooth production, benefits from fixed sound and lighting.

It’s just beautiful.

The Creative Studio

Very popular amongst our Mini-Tubers (7-10 years old), We designed The Creative Studio to be a flexible space allowing for a variety of uses. Everything can be repositioned including not only the obvious equipment like cameras, lighting and sound, but also the furniture and huge selection of video backdrops.

It is heavily sound treated to prevent leakage into the other studios and benefits from foam flooring. This is also where things can get a little messy, food challenges, pranks and forfeits reign here.

Enter at your peril, there may well be chillies involved!

The Gaming Studio

No-one could have predicted that watching other people play video games would become so huge. We knew that we would need a place for our members to both record their gameplay but also stream it live to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and more. Any gaming video also needs great commentary, and for that we added microphones.

More recently we have created a dedicated set with mood lighting and added some exciting new technology to allow members to add graphics to their livestreams.

We are helping them to produce great gaming content that would not be possible at home.

The Pro Studio

With a more grown up feel, we designed the Pro Studio to feel just that – professional. With a semi-permanent set the space is ideal for interviews, unboxings, product reviews, makeup tutorials and much more. We have also found that businesses prefer the Pro Studio.

The production team can choose to shoot in three directions allowing for a different feel each time whilst still allowing enough room for equipment and crew.

The Green Screen & Virtual Reality Studio

Undoubtedly our most popular studio, our Green Screen is huge! We invested heavily in creating a green screen space that was flexible. We have an adjustable lighting rig mounted on the ceiling allowing us to adjust it to suit each and every shoot perfectly. The floor is also green allowing for us to place the camera equipment at some distance for the presenters, allowing for a much better production.

Because we have also equipped this studio with the HTC Vive Virtual Reality rig, members are able to record themselves playing a variety of VR games and experiences.

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